40 Snarky Funny Minions to Crack You Up -

40 Snarky Funny Minions to Crack You Up

There’s a lot of them you see. 

Just walk away..or close the window, because you’re likely arguing on the internet or phone. 

So fit.

But what was the point of this post?

So ready. SO READY.

I’m warning you..

One is more fun.

They just know they know my face, but from where?

Everyone will be impressed.

Grandma will get you.

Refund please?

I may be out of order for a bit.

Yes, it seems so.

He’s just jealous!

But sometimes it can be too fun.

Nothing wrong with that.

Best feeling ever. Snooze away.

Simple but sweet.

Those are sometimes the best.

Ah, drunk wisdom.

Um, ouch?

Pick a new dream.

Why did I come in here?

Spoiler: Wife picks the first thing you said.

Worst Sunday ever.

Going to be a diamond.

It should just be “morning.”

What a sexy fantasy.

It’s cool, I can make payments soon.

Jingle, jingle!

Well that solves that.

Sad but true.

Do I get to pick?

Maybe next year, Santa.


Stop shaking it!

Oh that’s cold.

Drink it up, live it up!

But not one that will murder me like HAL.