Insane Shark Feeding Frenzy Near Panama City Beach – Video

Have you ever seen a shark feeding frenzy? Well you’re about to. This is just one of about a million another reasons I don’t like to go swiming in the ocean. Just yesterday Tyra Whitlow, her husband Blake and their four children were kickin’ it at Inlet beach near Panama City when all hell broke loose with hundreds of sharks going on a feeding frenzy.

This is what Blake Whitlow had to say about all this.

“My reaction was kind of calm. I thought it was kind of neat — at first I thought it was porpoises,” said Whitlow.  “Then, after we figured out they were sharks, my wife quickly tried to get the kids out of the raft, on to the beach.”

“I knew I wouldn’t have very long. I ran while I was filming — I was amazed that one kind of came on shore, a man tried to help it”

“The water looked like it was boiling, with the school of fish being attacked.  All the sharks were about three to five feet long — I couldn’t tell what type.  It lasted for about an hour.”

“It was unreal.  Most people were out of towners and couldn’t believe it,”

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Shark Feeding Frenzy At Panama City Beach – Video

A trip to the beach turns into kids in the water with sharks coming up close to the shore!! Craziest thing we’ve ever seen!!



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