Little AA Battery Trick They Don’t Want You To Know – Real Or Fake?

WHAT? WAIT WHAT?! Well my mind has just been blown by this Little AA Battery Trick They Don’t Want You To Know. After this I’m going out to buy a 6V Battery so I can see if there actually are batteries hidden on the inside. In my house it seems like we never have enough batteries. Whenever we need some we either just used the last ones or are missing one out of the required amount. For me, this is like the life hack of life hacks. I give mad props to whoever had the idea to see what was on the inside of the 6V battery. The person probably just wanted to know how it was built but ended up being extremely surprised. It must have been similar to opening a treasure chest or discovering the hidden city of the Aztecs on a smaller scale. What upsets me about this is the fact that we are getting ripped off all the time when we buy batteries and after watching this video, clearly by a lot. A little AA 4-pack of batteries sells for around 8$ which comes out to 2$ per battery. Whereas a 6V battery sells for around 10$, but with this new trick we just learnt, it comes out to like 30 cents per battery. This means that you are paying approximately 6.5 times the price for one battery, if you were to buy battery packs over the 6V hack. The fact that the 6V battery can be sold for 10$ means that even with 30+ batteries on the inside the company is still making money off you. This means that the batteries are even cheaper than 30 cents yet the majority of consumers buy the 4 pack for 8$. I don’t know whether to be upset with the companies for selling their batteries at such exorbitant prices or consider investing in them for smartly marketing their products.

  • Kimberly Lazarski

    They’re wired in a combination of series and parallel; parallel groups to increase the current capacity and series to increase the voltage.

  • Kimberly Lazarski

    just what I want – dry cells with maybe 500mAh capacity. (NOT!!! /WayneAndGarth)

  • Matthew Fleisher

    48 volts if they are all in series. You connect some parallel to increase current without increasing voltage.

  • David

    Each AA battery is 1.5 volts so at that rate the “6 volt lantern battery” would equal 48 volts
    Also does it look like 36 AA batteries would fit inside a 6v lantern battery?
    And finally, what gets dumped out looks like AAA batteries to me which are also 1.5 volts

  • Joshua Largent

    I’m going to have to try this….

  • Dan Fernan

    Not, I opened one and found 4 ea 1.5 volt unusable batteries, thanks.

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