Miniature FUNCTIONAL Guns - Shooting Badass Little Guns

Vickers tactical shows you some pretty neat miniature functional guns.

These Miniature FUNCTIONAL Guns are are the coolest thing I have seen today. So the guys over at Vickers Tactical took a trip to Russia to visit Arsenal Firearms and shoot some of their Badass Miniature Functional Guns. Arsenal Firearms makes many, many different 1/2 scale weapons. Some of the weapons shot in these videos are the .45ACP, Thompson (Full Auto), AK-47 (Full Auto) with Suppressor (Functional) and Grenade Launcher, Desert Eagle .44 MAG, and several more. Even though these Miniature Functional Guns are not cheap, I think they would be worth the money.  Arsenal Firearms also makes tons of other Badass Guns, not just the little guys. If you’re into these Miniature Functional Guns, check out the write up on Little Shotguns, they aren’t as small, but they are just as / if not more Badass. If you don’t want to watch all of these Videos, (but you should) you can skip to Part Four to see pretty much everything he fired in one Video.

Vickers Tactical – One of the coolest parts of our trip to Russia was a chance to check out scale model miniatures of some classic firearms. Everything from a FG43, Suppressed AKM, 1911, Thompson and everything in between they make them. The more impressive part is that they claimed that they would fire if they made ammo for them. Well we would put them to the test.

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