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14 Geometric DIY Decor Projects
Diy Geometric Woven Decor

Make woven DIY geometric print art

Diy Geometric Coasters

Add a geometric touch with DIY coasters

Diy Colorblocked

Colorblock a vase with a cool DIY geometric look

Diy Geometric Shelves

Construct your own DIY geometric shelves for under $15

Diy Geo Wreath

Accent your wall with a DIY geometric wreath

Diy Terarrium

Make a DIY terrarium with geometric shapes

Diy New

DIY Himmeli diamond mobiles are perfect for any room

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Diy Plant Hanger

Hang plants in a DIY geometric leather and brass plant hanger

Diy Geometric Wall Decor

Add color with a set of geometric DIY wall ornaments

Diy Honeycomb

Use popsicle sticks to build your own hexagon shelves

Diy Geometric Swatches

Recycle paint chips into a cool piece of DIY art with geometric designs

Diy Geometric Wall Hang

DIY wall hangings get extra pop when you add geometrics

Diy Geometric Runner

Make your own geometric table runner

Diy Geometric Art

Add geometric accents to a favorite photo for a unique piece of decor

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