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14 Funny Singles Day Memes to Celebrate Retailers Making Bank at Our Expense

single days memes - reddit

People of reddit unite in one voice.

single days memes - wallet day

Let’s just call it what it is.

single days meme - celebrating singles day hans style

Star wars memes meets singles day memes.

single days memes - ghost of singles day past

Yet another star wars meme and maybe a ghost meme too!

single days memes - dank memes

Some dank memes to boot!

single days memes - reddit 2

For those redditors to translate for the rest of us…

single days meme - netherland celebrates

The Dutch are a very direct culture….

single days meme - game of throne fans

For all the lonely Game of Thrones Fans out there who are stuck in the FRIEND ZONE

single days memes - enjoying life

You could also look on the bright side…

single days meme - retailers rubbing it in

The retailers are definitely not shy about it…

single days meme - true story

Someone finally speaks the truth!

single days memes - dark humor

Some dark humor to celebrate singles day!

single days memes - twitter

Borderline NSFW dark humor…

single days memes - 99% singles

Occupying this made up holiday!

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