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15 Fun and Easy Recycled DIY Projects

Turn plastic jugs into a hanging herb garden

Transform tin cans into planters

Cut plastic bottles into cute flower decorations

Make your old t-shirts into crafty potholders

Weave plastic bags into a useable basket

Or use your plastic bags as an outdoor pillow stuffing

You can even make plastic bags into coin purses

T-shirts can be made into jump ropes

An old sweater can be several craft projects

Turn plastic takeout boxes into fun shinky dinks

Scratched record? Salvage the album cover by making it into a folder

An old wipes bin can be made into a cute toy camera

CD cases don’t need to be clutter…they can be made into an amazing crystal terrarium

src=”” alt=”” width=”564″ height=”846″ />Plastic bottle caps? No, now they’re a table!

Plastic bottles can even be made into adorable bangles and bracelets



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