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15 Great DIY Coasters to Jazz Up Your Table or Give as Gifts
Diy Anthro Coasters

Save your money and make a set of knock-off Anthropologie agate coasters

Diy Constellation

Have starry skies with a set of DIY constellation coasters

Diy Farmhouse

Love the farmhouse look? Create a set of farmhouse coasters

Diy Nail VarnishNail polish makes a dreamy marbled coaster set

Diy TwinTurn twine into a cool rustic and farmhouse coaster

Diy Terra Cotta

Accent a table with some adorable terra-cotta DIY coasters

Diy Washi Tape

Use extra washi tape and make cute DIY coasters

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Diy Glam Marble

These coasters are the two G’s: gold and glam

Diy Botanical Wood Slices

Use botanical prints to accent these DIY wooden slice coasters

Diy Stamped Coasters

Stamps help make these DIY coasters unique

Diy Sharpie Painted

Choose your favorite color and go to town to make these soft watercolor-like coasters

Diy Cork Coasters

Cork coasters pop when you add comic book prints

Diy Alcohol Ink 1

Dreamy alcohol prints make amazing coasters, perfect for a gift


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