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17 Fun DIY Easter Egg Ideas
Diy Gold Foil Eggs

Create stunning gold foil  DIY Easter eggs to brighten up any basket

Diy Burger Eggs

Add some burger-themed DIY Easter eggs to your kitchen

Diy Galaxy Eggs

DIY galaxy Easter Eggs are just amazing and beautiful

Diy Book Page

Use old damaged books to make book-themed plastic easter egg decorations

Diy Cactus Egg

Love cacti? Make these DIY cactus eggs

Diy Easter Egg Porg

Make a porg or other Star Wars characters with these great DIY Star Wars Easter eggs

Diy Easter Waves

Make a wave with some gradient-colored DIY Easter eggs

Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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Diy Mosaic Eggs

Gorgeous mosaic DIY Easter Eggs look amazing in a basket or bin

Diy Gumball Machine

Here’s a clever idea: gumball machine DIY Easter Eggs

Diy Fruit EggsMake your favorite fruits into a colorful and adorable Easter Egg design

Diy Gold BugTake some small toys and use them to make glittery DIY Easter Egg decorations

Diy Water MarbleMake a masterpiece with your water marble DIY Easter Egg

Diy Cool Whip

You can even use Cool Whip for your DIY Easter Egg

Diy StylishFind some great chic DIY Easter Egg ideas here

Diy Stencil HerbUse herbs to naturally stencil your Easter Egg designs

Diy Lisa Frank Eggs

It’s a fun flashback to the 90’s with these Lisa Frank DIY Easter Eggs



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