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TFB Short Clips

17 Funny Quotes That Are Too Funny for a Weekday

Quote Can We TakeWe have the science.
Quote Never Tell Bad news.
Quote People Make Medicine Like…”cherry-flavored”? Nah.
Quote Tooth Fairy Devious.
Quote Women Have Closets Yes.
Quote 70 Water I don’t love water.
Quote Dream Live Simple.
Quote Chocolate Cake So there!
Quote Wing Man Winning at wings.
Quote Long Hard Look They were wrong.
Quote 4 Showers Accurate.
Quote Cats Meow
Quote Windshield Greasy smudgers.
Quote Run Marathon I can do that now.
Quote Wasted Sooooooooo.
Quote Popcorn Hell Hope you like pasta.
Quote Pizza Exists 1So no.

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