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19 Funny Quotes to Pass Around
Funny Walked Into

Make yourself at home.

Funny Haha Nice Decoded.
Funny Memory Foam I’m so sorry.
Quote Being An Adult Accurate.
Funny Early 20S Oh that’s real.
Funny Fire Ants Ha!
Quote Alcohol Solve So…

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Funny Finally Look AH, that’s why!
Funny Bought Card There we go.
Funny Remove Usb We don’t have time for that.
Funny Finish Sandwiches So many.
Funny Wake Me Up Yep!
Funny Useful Crayon Absolutely.
Funny Tuesday Cut Tuesday could be even worse than Monday.
Funny Treat Family Stay away!
Funny Poster Board We didn’t really need that much.
Funny Lazy Trophy Who will do it?
Funny Boundary Issues How dare she..
Funny Sims CheatRosebud!

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