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20 Adorable Animals That Are Pretty Rare
Animal Baby Potto

Baby potto.

Animal Dik Dik

 A dik-dik antepole.

Animal Albino Squirrel

Albino squirrel.

Animal Pine Marten

A pine marten.

Animal Basin Rabbit

Columbian basin pgymy rabbit.

Animal Fennec

A surly fennec fox.

Animal Pudu

A pudu.

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Animal Sand Kitten

The vicious sand kitten.


A rare marble fox.

Tree Kangaroo

Tree kangaroo.

Dumbo Octopus

Rare sighting of a dumbo octopus.

Elephant Shrew

An elephant shrew.

Pygmy Marmoset

An adorable pygmy marmoset.

Pika American

American pika.

Pika Il

Ili pika.

Indian Giant Squirrel Malabar

Giant Indian squirrel.

Pixabay Painted Dog

A painted dog.

Aye Aye

An aye-aye.


A quokka!

Mouse Deer

The mouse deer.

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