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TFB Short Clips

20 Hilarious New Minion Quotes
Minion Youre Not WorthAnd that’s that.
Minion One WayTrue.
Minion Big ButtBut your butt is your butt yay!
Minion Jar OfCareful.
Minion Exercise Live LongLike, really.
Minion Did It TwiceHa.
Minion Remain SilentMost do.
Minion Caring As Much Nah, you don’t look stupid.
Minion Cleaning FairyBut the laundry fairy still exists right?
Minion Someone Will Love YouI hope you get a great love story.
Minion Rose DiesSmooooth.
Minion Month Before InShare1
Minion How Get To SleepNo. Not possible.
Minion HandsomeIt does.
Minion Go On VacationAny day now.
Minion FlowersWatch how they treat you.
Minion Boring PeopleBoring!
Minion Been Through HellTry it.
Minion App CoffeeCome on scientists. 
Minion Test NoDon’t ruin the mood!
Minion ScarsYou don’t know me.
Minion Tactfully

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