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21 Funny Fail Pictures of People Having A Significantly Worse Day Than You

Are you having a bad day? Well I’m sorry. But since misery loves company, one surefire way to make you feel better is to show you pictures of 27 fail pictures of people who are REALLY having a bad day.

Hope you feel better and appreciate how good you have it after checking out these pictures below. Ouch!

Fail Pictures - I can fly

1. Jumping off a ramp… no helmet.

Funny Fail Pictures - take that ref

2. Poor ref. Just trying to do his job but gets nailed.

Fail Pictures - oh dear

3. Oh dear.

Funny Fail Photo - praying to porcelain gods

4. Guess he’s going to sleep just like that.

Hilarious Fail Photo - bad parking

5. That’s a nice spot to park … a beach towel maybe!

Hilarious fail photos - butter fingers

6. Oops butter finger.

Fail Picture - emergency

7. Emergency responder having an emergency.

Fail Picture - helmet

8. Good thing he’s got a helmet… not that it’ll help much.

Funny Fail Picture - sh*tting bricks

9. My boss is gonna kill me.

Fail Picture - sad face

10. Feeling left out.

Fail Picture - finished shopping

11. One way to finish your quarantine shopping trip.

Fail Picture - frog impression

12. Great frog imitation!

Fail Picture - not fooling

13. Not fooling anyone.

Fail Picture - must pay toll now!

14. These guys really wanna pay that toll.

Fail Picture - steeple chase...

15. Not sure if that’s how you do steeplechase.

Fail Picture - first and last date

16. Cheers to our first date!

Fail Picture - fat finger

17. Fat finger.

Fail Picture - mcinsult

18. Awkward…


Fail Picture - good neighbor

19. Inviting the neighbor over.

Fail Picture - low blow

20. Ouchhhhhhh!

fail picture - Showing off her balance...

21. Showing off her balance…


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