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21 Funny Hijab Memes that are Pretty Halal

World Hijab Day is an annual event celebrated on February 1st that recognizes the right of Muslim women to wear the hijab, or Islamic veil, in public without judgement or discrimination. It is a day to express solidarity with Muslim women and to stand up against all forms of discrimination they may face. In recognition of religious freedom everywhere, here are 21 funny hijab memes that’ll encapsulate all your everyday Hijab problems!

Screen Shot 2023 02 06 At 5.35.22 Pm

That would work great for economy class seats on flights!

Screen Shot 2023 02 06 At 5.35.13 Pm

And you wonder why theres such thing as a Jihad?

Screen Shot 2023 02 06 At 5.34.30 Pm

Oh yeah…

Meme Featuring A Girl Asking A Hijab Wearer Why She Doesn'T Wear Short Sleeve Shirts To School.

Google it.

Screen Shot 2023 02 06 At 5.33.55 Pm

Stupid answer for stupid questions.

Screen Shot 2023 02 06 At 5.33.44 Pm

It’s just to help you…

Screen Shot 2023 02 06 At 5.33.32 Pm

Two sides to every coin.

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That is an everyday problem.

Screen Shot 2023 02 06 At 5.33.16 Pm

You have no idea.

Screen Shot 2023 02 06 At 5.32.59 Pm

Flaunt it.

Religious Questions For Hijab Wearer

It’s cultural… 

Hijab Fit

“Isn’t it ironic?” playing in the background…

Hijab Pins


Hijab Comebacks

That’s just how I roll.

Hijab Wearer Problem

It’s the moment of truth.

Awkward Hijab Moment


Answering Door Or Put On Hijab

Might take a while…

Choices Of Hijab

First world problems.

Hijab At Home


Need A Hijab But In A Rush

H2O… can’t live with it… can’t live without it.

Hijab Problems


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