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22 Adorable Baby Animals That Will Melt Your Cold Heart

An adorable fox.

Baby Hedgie

The smolest little hedgie.

Baby Lamb

Happy little lamb.

Baby Mouse

TEENY mouse.

Baby Otters

A trio of adorable otters.

Baby Owl

Skeptical baby owl.

Baby Skunk

The cutest little stinker.

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Baby Squirrel

Sleepy squirrel.

Baby Seal

Such a little seal cutie.

Baby Dwarf Hamster

A teeny dwarf hamster.

Baby Walrus

A young walrus!

Baby Husky

Little husky, big cute.

Baby Penguin

Real life Happy Feet.

Baby Meerkat

Baby meerkat.

Fawn Baby

Fawn looking cute.

Baby Rabbit

Cuddly little bun.

Baby Cuddly Puppy

Just a darling little pup.

Baby Sugar Glider

Sugar glider small and cute.

Baby Sloth

Hanging around, sleepy, so cute.

Baby Quokka

quokka cute

Baby Cow Hedgie

Double cute with a cow and a hedgie.

Baby Puffy Dog

This dog is too cute for us to handle.

Baby Seal 2

Another baby seal, just as cute.

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