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22 Funny Relatable Quotes That May Seem Appropriate Now

Funny Relatable Quotes  Lyrics Sites

They don’t have to bungle the lyrics to something like “All Star

Funny Raisin 1

Why do they exist?

Funny Caught Up

It was great. 

Funny Ice Cream

You have your answer.

Funny Jack Accomplished


Funny Adulthood Lets Not


Funny Cross Streets

You tried.

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Funny Having Plans 1

No…this can’t stand.

Funny Do What Ask

I don’t know!

Funny Overspend Target

Target is a trap.

Funny Mom Mom


Funny Mom Laundry

Yeah! Living it up!

Funny Hair Everywhere

We do.

Funny Give Up


Funny Domestic Ninja


Funny After Coffee

Thanks coffee!

Funny 92 Coffee

Seems about right. 

Funny Having Plans

Then the stress overload hits home.

Funny Pajamas

It’s the thought that counts.

Funny Dream Big Where

Savor your dreams.

Funny Premeditated

Wouldn’t want that…. cos the lawyers always win.

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