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23 Colorful DIY Unicorn Projects and Crafts

Diy Unicorn Project

What a sight this DIY stained glass unicorn will be on your windows

Colorful Diy Unicorn Project

You can feature all of the colors of the rainbow or just one in these DIY unicorn headbands

Diy Unicorn Wands

It’s a royal affair at your next child’s party with unicorn rainbow wands

Diy Plush Uni Head

Make this plush unicorn head for a dreamy addition to your room

Diy Unicorn Succulents

Succulents are cute on their own, however, what’s cuter? DIY unicorn succulents

Diy Nutella

First it’s a Nutella jar (or another jar), then it becomes a unicorn jar

Diy Unicorn Mug

Drink your favorite lemonade, hot chocolate or whatever you like in this DIY unicorn mug

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Diy Fleece Pillow

Add a DIY fleece unicorn pillow to your rainbow castle

Diy Unicorn Origami

Here’s another unicorn bookmark but this one is no sew and features origami!

Diy Unicorn Slime

Slime fan? Unicorn slime is all the rage with sparkles galore

Diy Unicorn Bath Bomb

A DIY unicorn bath bomb will certainly give you a magical spa day

Diy Unicorn Bookmark

If you sew, try using this unicorn bookmark pattern for a cute party favor or your favorite bookworm

Diy Unicorn Planter

Got some plants or succulents? Set them up in a charming DIY unicorn planter

Diy Michael Unicorn

Michaels shows you how to make a DIY unicorn necklace complete with crystals

Diy Unicorn Dreamcatcher

A DIY unicorn dreamcatcher or wall hanging is certainly a piece of rainbow art

Diy Unicorn Sleep Mask

Love unicorns? Make adorable no-sew DIY unicorn sleep masks

Diy Unicorn Face Painting

Learn how to do custom face painting of unicorns with an easy tutorial

Diy Crafting Felt

Craft this DIY unicorn keychain out of felt for friends and family to have a magical drive

Diy Washi Tape

Use colorful washi tape and make a custom piece of washi tape art – unicorn style

Diy Unicorn String Art

DIY unicorn string art is an enchanting project to try

Diy Unicorn

A matchbox can become a DIY unicorn matchbox book you can reuse over and over

Diy Unicorn Drawstring

Store all of your unicorn goodies in a DIY unicorn drawstring bag

Diy Unicorn Clutch

Add some sparkle with a DIY unicorn glitter clutch

Diy Unicorn Purse

Here’s an amazing DIY unicorn purse made Betsey Johnson-style made out of tape

Diy Unicorn Pencil

Teens might love making this sleepy unicorn DIY pencil case craft

Diy Crochet Basket

Crochet? Crochet a cute toy or yarn bag that’s a unicorn!

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