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TFB Short Clips

25 Even Funnier Quotes

S 1 Accurate.
S AwkwardOh so awkward now!
S Bedtme Figured But yet.
S Bldy MaryShe will.
S Brrw Dllar So many dollars.
S Carry Crazy You never know!
S Cfee 50 Or $25,000. 
S Dancing It should!
S Dentist Wait, not  like that.
S Fbi Ladies Food for thought.
S Here Are Yep.
S Linen Freak There’s a way.
S ScareDoes it?
S Three Bks So much coloring!
S Turn ArundWait, we weren’t singing?
S Tw Settings None in between.
S VkaSounds like vodka.
S Weird Side EffectDeal.
S Well See It’s not happening.
S Wicked Witch


Snark T DGood night.

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