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TFB Short Clips

25 Funny Snappy Quotes That Bring the Realness
Funny Peanut Butter


Funny Pie RatesPierates!
Funny Raise HandAlways.
Funny Wafffle PancakeLove you, waffles!
Quote Driving TeenStay strong, parents!
Quote Expresso ShotHa
Funny YoureFix your grammar
Funny Clown WoodsGo.
Funny I Know FansNope!
Funny BladderAccurate
Funny Googling NumbersThe phone is for texting.
Funny Missed BeginningI need to pick a side.
Funny New Clothes NeededDon’t we all?
Funny Nap DatesInstead of play date, nap date!
Funny Student ComfortingRelief.
Quote Spray Febreeze
Quote Thankful PotatoesBye.
Quote Addicted ClothesDang it.
Quote Wallet ThickGoals indeed!
Quoe Weird NoNo.
Funny Two MoodsGood moods.
Funny Man MorningAre you?
Funny Anxiety CasualOh it’s going to be bad.

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