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25 Funny and Witty Minion Quotes for Minion Fans
Minion 2 Seconds Latr


Minion CuriosityWho will win?
Minion Expected OlderCan I take it back?
Minion Facts HostageYep.
Minion Fall Back AsleepThen the dream has gone.
Minion ForgetEvery. single. one.
Minion Guess Who One guess. You?

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Minion Hidden FoodIt’s survival.
Minion HormonesYou have been warned.
Minion Low BatteryWhy do you have to keep lighting up?
Minion Obsessed Like MinionsLove them.
Minion Older Other PlacesPretty much.
Minion Ready To PartyEven at age 30 the 4 hours isn’t enough, let’s be real.
Minion Say HiHi.
Minion Sunday Hours We need the time.
Minion Wrong PersonWrong text!
Minon DuckDo you?
Minion Coffee FaceIt’s a happy face.
Minion Witchcraft Who are you, magic person?!
Miniondidnt React Just saying.
Minion 500 Battery Don’t we all?
Minion That One FriendDanger Will Robinson, danger.
Minion Lose MeYou lose!
Minion Sexy WiggleSo much ouch.
Minion Make PerfectYou better.

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