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25 Just Funny Quotes
Funny Home CraziesThere they are. 
Funny Ice Recipe Classic recipe.
Funny Uranus Well, thanks. 
Quote Got Lost Ikea Good day for the Fitbit. 
Quote Foot Cramp Ouch.
Funny Joggers Just watch tv, they do. 
Quote My Brain Body

Listen to the body. 

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Funny Saves Game And again and again.
Funny SettleBurn.
Funny So HilariousThat awkward moment.
Funny Real HeroesThe real MVPs.
Funny Ninja Tada!
Funny Mary Poppins Poor parents. 
Funny Tuesday Friday The crushing reality. 
Funny Hope For Best Just do it.
Funny 70 Nicer Studies show.
Funny Cocktails Oh yeah.
Funny Business Cart Watch out!
Funny BootyThe prayer.

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