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25 Pets Who Ruined Christmas

Christmas morning mess.

Sorry not sorry!

What could possibly go wrong?

Tabby feats of daring and wonder.

Okay maybe I shouldn’t have but my blue eyes match the tree!

Nothing to tree here… I mean see here.

Okay but why did you put an eye on it to being with?!

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Tabby Canes

He couldn’t wait till morning.

But how did it taste?

Winner of the Cat Medal of Honor

Are you saying it wasn’t my new bed??

Regrets, I’ve had a few.

What? I was just adjusting her skirt.

It was self-defense.

And a good time was had by all.

Huh, who knew trees just fell on their own like that.

Tortie knocks over Baby Jesus in quest for power.

You weren’t using these, were you?

So say we all.

The slippers really make this one.

Eating plastic and engaging in throw-up in 3-2-1…

First rule of doggo: when in doubt, eat it.

Tabby tree-topper.

The source of our de-forestation problem.

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