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TFB Short Clips

25 Pokemon Memes You’ll Want to Catch in Your Pokeball

I need all of this stuff so I can catch them all.

No, don’t extinguish my flame!

Score one for the merchandising teams.


Ekans, you’re not a water pokemon! 

Hands down the best Pokemon meme I’ve seen.

No, no, let’s get rid of that.

His face is R A G E.

So you see my Pokemon badges?

See, Pokemon memes are educational content.

Way to go!

Stay away Team Rocket!

There’s no room for you here.

You will never unsee it. Sometimes Pokemon memes just go too far.

Let Pika out!

They don’t.

It’ll do.

I’m so so lost.

Keep up all!

And we wait.

Surprise Trade. Ha.

Stop it Tentacruel.

Say it again.

That’s…that’s not cool.

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