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29 Minion Quotes for You
Minion Duck To SeeSo there.
Minion Youre Reading This Way to go.
Minion Slow Replies Maybe…?
Minion Shoes Fit Yay
Minion Set Them Free Ha.
Minion Realized Some There’s a difference.
Minion People Friends They already know it.

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Minion Happiness Smile Aw.
Minion Anger Dang it.
Minion Always Love Kind Why are you laughing?
Minion Sister Use Her Yeah!
Minion Imaginary Friends They do.
Minion Eheh Who isn’t?
Funny Knew Door Knew, but it’s a nice sentiment!
Minion Older WrongSo wrong.
Minion PhonesAmazing, right?
Minion Lol Yes.
Minion You Are ImportantYou are worth it.
Minion Weird Like You I do.
Minion SplitClever.

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