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31 Quotes for When You Just Can’t Even
Quote 90S Back

Take me back!

Quote AilmentJust wait.
Quote Boldly Going…Yep.
Quote Changes LayoutYeah!
Quote Dusted OnceIt can just stay.
Quote Great Idea SendOops.
Quote I Came SawLet’s do this again.

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Quote Keep Cake MoistDelish tip.
Quote Lay ZBalance.
Quote My EmotionsIt’s all the worst!
Quote Okay NowI don’t need you now!
Quote Personal SpaceTip.
Quote Decorative BowlVery classy.
Quote Diet CookiesDid you ever think of that?
Quote Every Girl DollWarning.
Quote Did A ThingNo more things.
Quote Why Dont Go OutAll of this.
Quote Like 6 Of YouLucky.
Quote ActiveSelf Burn
Quote Who Am IWho?
Quote Was It Eye ContactAwkward.
Quote Burn The BreadWhy?
Quote 1.00You’re going to be so rich!
Quote Wait KidsIt does.
Quote Science ProjectOh…no….
Quote Team MysteriousWhere did it come from!?
Quote Same YogaPoor mom.
Quote Chicken NuggetsAnd crying.
Quote Me To 13Just..behave.
Quote Trapped In A StoreI did a good deed.
Quote Hate MathMath! We do use it.

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