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32 Quotes for Failure, Success and Hard Times
Quote No Storm Lasts

Have faith it will end soon.

Quote Be Proud OfyourselfYou are doing great.
Quote Dont Let The Bad DaysYou don’t.
Quote Maturity Realizing Stand back.
Quote If You Can ImagineYou sure can.
Quote If It HappensDon’t worry.
Quote Style Is Be who you are!

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Quote Not Your TrainWait for yours.
Quote Try To LoveThat’s the first step.
Quote Bold EnoughKNOCK.
Quote Add To Your Life Take it out.
Quote Even WorstSo just get through them.
Quote Cant Change ConfrontGet in its face.
Quote Time You WastedKnow the difference.
Quote If You SetKeep setting them up.
Quote Turning PageWhich will it be?
Quote Set Life On FireBurn it.
Quote Place Of True HealingWork for it.
Quote Passion PayycheckLet it drive you
Quote Never Have This DayLet it be useful. 
Quote Mimic A ResultRemember.
Quote Itsnot FutureAcknowledge it and move forward.
Quote Hard To TrustTrust.
Quote First They LaughThat’s the sign you’re doing it right.
Quote Failures ChangeGet used to them.
Quote Exhale Courage Exhale it all!
Quote Double Failure Rate Double it.
Quote Do It BetterYou can.
Quote Being Doing BestKeep trying for your best.
Quote Brave For Tryng Don’t think you’re a mess.
Quote In Me Whole Time Imagine that.
Quote Beginner BeforeSo begin.

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