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TFB Short Clips

34 Silly and Sweet Funny Animal Pictures

Sit! Like this!

The cat doesn’t seem to mind.
Better than a rubber duckie!
Feed him!
No one can know. 
Angry dog, happy dog.
Aw this is why dogs are so pure.
A bear!
Nope, that’s his banana now.
He got you there.
Take a lesson, other cats and dogs. 
Puppy pew pew!
Rude little creature.
Clean what?
Where did the dog go?
They might not be.
Like jaguar.
Sure.. that’s a tall tale from a tall suspect.
Oh he looks so happy.
Put on a show.
He’s so thrilled.
Don’t we all?
Please fill!
/>This dog knows the shortcuts.
Yes, yes, fall in love with me, it says.’re it!
Privacy, please!
So close. 
Oh that’s a bad pun.
Just like him!
Try, dog, try.

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