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TFB Short Clips

35 Funny Memes to Make You Smile



I do love a good pun.


Me when I haven’t combed my hair.


The unspoken truth about everyone’s 2019 plans.




Me to everyone.


He has no idea.


I get this.


The worst!


Usually happens at 5 pm Friday.




I told you I like a good pun.


Can verify.


Winner: America’s Got Talent.


Dogs have our number.




Every Monday.


That kid is trouble.


An adorable Alpacapillar!


Best thing ever.


I am familiar with this move.


Call center realness.


Been there!


This is me.


This has happened to us all.




This is adulting, correct.


“I’m not talking to her.” *slams door*


Cats are ruthless.


Cats are cold, man.


Never fails.


The sadness.


I love this, sorry.


Newest member of Flock of Seagulls.


Told you: I love puns.


Feel familiar, parents?

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