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35 New Funny and Sarcastic Sayings, Quotes and Quips
Quote 2 Candy Bars

That’s a glorious day.

Quote Be Amazing GobackThen repeat.
Quote Body NeglectAll that sweet neglect.
Quote BroccoliHe owes us.
Quote Died Few Times I got a second life powerup though.
Quote EyebrowsYet here we are.
Quote Hello FridayThere you are!

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Quote Let Me FileFiled.
Quote MoodsSo much.
Quote Netflix PantsBye.
Quote Pajama PantsOh that’s the best feeling ever.
Quote Paying JobFor all time!
Quote PinterestIt’s not true!
Quote Twisted SweetHmm.
Quote Fear Of WineDo you suffer from it?
Funny Fairy Unicorn It’s a figment of your imagination.
Quote Parenting LikePretty much.
Quote PinataWho wouldn’t?
Quote 2 Years FoodSo there!
Quote Bet Me Five DollarsBad voice.
Quote ListWelcome.
Quote Funny MoneyWe learn.
Quote Please DontIntroverts.
Quote Watch EpisodeBinge it all!
Quote College Mom GroceryMom?!
Quote College ForkI can’t do it.
Quote Ta DaA magic trick!
Quote It Is What ItisIt is what it is!
Quote TrappedSo much sleep.
Quote Living AloneDang it.
Quote Thought NormaThe signs were there.
Quote NoNo.

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