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TFB Short Clips

35 Remarkable Affirmations for Manifesting Your Best Life

And can do so much with it.
I try every day.
I allow myself to do that.
More than enough.
Let it all drift away.
It’s not for me.
They are my best asset.
I let it go.
I have it.
They are perfect.
I rise with  intention.
And every day.
It is all there for me.
I have so much fortune.
I can do anything.
It’s fulfilling.
I am happy most of the time.
It is pure.
I grow daily.
I am ready for anything.
I get what I need.
I will have great opportunities.
So  much.
Money flows.
They are amazing.,
My business works for me perfectly.
Every day.
I know I can do whatever I dream.
It’s there for me.
They aren’t there.
I am so much.
I grow!
I do for myself.

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