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35 Snarky and Funny Quotes for When You Don’t Care
Quote Find They Trheive

Pretty much.

Quote Find You FirstLead them right to you.
Quote Any PointI don’t.
Quote Burn 2000Why are they so hard?
Quote High Score ScareYeah!
Quote Miss This TodayTell yourself that.
Quote We Have Food At HomeYep.

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Uote Need Some HelpLet me do it!
Quote Get In AcIt’s too hot, officer.
Quote Gotten So Bored That’s boredom. Course, if you were working you wouldn’t be have time to be bored..
Quote Im Getting BoredSeems it.
Quote Richest CemetaryDon’t be her.
Quote Please Not NowStay away!
Quote Only CallsIt’s not used for that.
Quote Once IJust wait!
Quote Nothing Saves MoneyDon’t need to do anything!
Quote Learn From DogJust move on.
Quote If My Hair LooksAnything!
Quote Hi Lets NotNo.
Quote Glitter GlueYou sparkle baby!
Quote Desser HeartThe heart wants what it wants.
Quote Cool PriusNo one.
Quote Bored Good TimeI have some ideas…
Quote Angel FaceHm.
Quote A Fuck Must Be EarnedThere you go.
Quote Clothes That FitAnd that are marginally clean.
Quote Love BaconCrispy love.
Quote So Far Not 27Maybe 32?
Quote OversleepingGotta get out fast!
Quote Easiest Way Not ToThat’s the answer.
Quote Overtired ToddlerIt would be far too scary.
Quote Two EgoistsI see what you did there.
Quote Never LemonsNo lemons.
Quote Calling YououtIt will take some time for you.
Quote Take It Leave ItAnd that was it.

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