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TFB Short Clips

35 Snarky and Funny Quotes for When You Don’t Care

Pretty much.

Lead them right to you.
I don’t.
Why are they so hard?
Tell yourself that.
Let me do it!
It’s too hot, officer.
That’s boredom. Course, if you were working you wouldn’t be have time to be bored..
Seems it.
Don’t be her.
Stay away!
It’s not used for that.
Just wait!
Don’t need to do anything!
Just move on.
You sparkle baby!
The heart wants what it wants.
No one.
I have some ideas…
There you go.
And that are marginally clean.
Crispy love.
Maybe 32?
Gotta get out fast!
That’s the answer.
It would be far too scary.
I see what you did there.
No lemons.
It will take some time for you.
And that was it.

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