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36 Funny Ukraine Memes that Stick it to the Russians

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Frog Praying For Ukraine

The frog’s prayer…

Funny Ukraine War Meme  Putin Trump And Zelenskiy

Who do you wanna be?

Funny Ukraine Meme  Spain And Germany

Pacifist Germany…

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Things You Can See From Space

One of the best Funny Ukraine Memes – The Great Balls of Ukranaia…

Funny Ukraine Memes  Knock Knock Joke

Knock knock…. who’s there?

Funny Ukraine Memes  Neutral Countries

Neutral but against scumbags….

Funny Ukraine Memes  Nato Joining Ukraine

It’s a long application process…

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Funny Ukraine Memes  Lord Of The Rings Style

And you’ve got bad breath…

Funny Ukraine Memes  Hero Vs Zero

Hero vs Zero

Funny Ukraine Memes  Ukrainian Resistance With Molotov Cocktail

How about no?!?

Funny Ukraine Memes  Draft Dodger Vs Patriot

Patriot or Patriot?

Funny Ukraine Memes  Captain Ukrania

Marvel’s next franchise… Captain Ukrania

Funny Ukraine Memes  Snake Island Defiance

Snake island DEFIANCE!

Funny Ukraine Memes  For Ukraine

Do it for Ukraine!

Funny Ukraine Memes  Ukraine Resistance

Give it your best shot…

Funny Ukraine Memes  Spot The Difference

True leaders.

Funny Ukraine Memes  Putin Tripping Himself Up

Putin ate sh*t…

Funny Ukraine Memes  Heaviest Objects In Universe

The James Webb Telescope is pointing the wrong way…

Funny Ukraine Memes  Putin Vs Zelenskiy

Putin is definitely feeling oppressed….

Funny Ukraine Memes  Russian Fears

The true fears of Russia…

Funny Ukraine Memes  Nato Airlift Denied

Rocky “Zelenskiy” Balboa…

Funny Ukraine Memes  Sponge Bob Russian Soldiers

What do you follow?

Funny Ukraine Memes  Russian Invasion Knight

Precision weapons…

Funny Ukraine Memes  Snake Island

Russia got “Snake Island’d”…

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Un Air Support

The UN is all bark…

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Avengers

Avenger Endgame 3.

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Un Book Vs Real Life

How Men in Suits act in theory vs real life…

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Lisa Simpson Ted Talk

Bad neighbor

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Putin Vs Poutine

Poutine gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside…

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Snake Island Last Words

Snake island 1 – Russia – 0

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Patrick Pray For Ukraine

Prayers are being answered.

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Twitter And Ukraine

Twitter and Ukraine joining forces.

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Wandering Boyfriend

And the wandering boyfriend version….

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Russian Propaganda

Ain’t working…

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Russian Media

So over to you on the weather in Moscow….

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Putin The Artist

Definitely Picasso…. except worthless…

Funny Ukraine War Memes  Frog Praying For Ukraine

The Frog’s Prayer.

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