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TFB Short Clips

37 Amazing and Inspiring Quotes for All

Be a wise woman.

There’s a difference.
Find me there.
Know the purpose.
Big decision.
Know it.
Both need to be watered.
We make our own fate.
It all begins with you.
Get rid of it all.
So be grateful.
Self-loving is key.
So set them right.
Will you?
Reflect on that too.
Go out and inspire.
Surprise everyone.
And who wants to miss out?
They would be terrified.
Stay strong and work through them.
Fix your thinking.
What are you ignoring?
Just move on.
Swallow that fear up with purpose.
So choose wisely.
Do you walk through it well?
Feels great.
It’s OVER.
Go forward.
So shine on.
And stop it.
See through.
Take the step.
They’re just temporary.
Learn which one you are.

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