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39 Funny and Shareworthy Minion Quotes
Minion Best Friends


Minion Break From ThoughtsRun.
Minion Half TemperSounds right!
Minion HappensFish!
Minion Heart GoldA heart of gold!
Minion Long Hair AmazingIt gets everywhere.
Minion LoseingSo much.

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Minion ProductiveWill I…?
Minion RememberAnd then you never remember it.
Minion Something HappensAw.
Minion Strange ApplyHow weird.
Minion Teacher CalledOh no.
Minion Thank You MusicThank you!
Minion Thought About RunningHmm, that seems right.
Minion Three ThingsYou do!
Minion Trade In ModelGot to get it gone.
Minion We Only LearnThere’s a difference.
Minion Would You Yes!
Minion Not LowHm.
Minion Worst ShortYou need to be more!
Minion Bouncy CastleNever avoid the bouncy castle.
Minion Avoid Avoid.
Minion Hit Record Those were the days.
Minion Trust EraserEroding.
Minion BabyIt’s so cold.
Minion Smile Let Be strong!
Minion Basically BouncerKeep them rounded up.
Minion Done This Month Cardio.
Minion ParticipateWhat is that?
Minion Fridaylicious Come on Friday!
Minion Obstacles Stronger.
Minion Work 5PmRawr.

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