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Originally posted on April 29, 2017 @ 8:22 am

40 Absolutely Hilarious Animal Pictures

40 Absolutely Hilarious Animal Pictures. More funny animal pictures here.

Doggone it. He thought it was the perfect crime.

She took a golden opportunity. Can you blame her?

Just act cool. I don’t think he saw you.

Finally a good use for the 1990’s scrunchies most of us still have shoved in a drawer.

And thus the petting was ordered. The cat decreed it shall last precisely 1 minute or thy shall pay.

Tastes like bacon and grass. And shame.

She’s planning a catastrophe.

He went running with the colors of the wind and brought them all home.

He doesn’t want to end up as sea food!

Two kinds of people in the world.

No bite, she bites.

And thus, sarcastic shark was born.

He’s outta control. And so are you.

You know the water causes shrinkage!

It’s just a little appenducktomy.

He finds your offering appeeling.

Better not get him wet.

So you could say she’s good at catching fries then?

He gave her…the seal of approval.

Big dog in a little cage…

He’s just horsing around.

Hay, what did you put in here? This isn’t his usual feed.

But I’m so doggone good looking, Carl.

Not even the fearsome creature of the deep is a match for their damn pointy tops.

I sea where you’re going here.

Every witch way I look, he is there.

I’m going go out on a limb and say this is pretty intense.

Mom’s got your back…and you’ve got hers!

And she said it was too cold outside to poop right here….

Get a long little candy little doggy.

Maybe he’s really a chiuahaha.

You just interrupted a purrfect meeting.

He really got your goat there. He wasn’t kidding!

Is this a shot from a new M. Night Shymalan film?

Life goals.

And yet, you’ve seen what he EATS in the yard!

He was feline ready for a selfie.

Look, his situation is a little ruff, but help him out it, huh?

2 Fast 2 Furryious.


She doesn’t carrot all.

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