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42 Inspiring Quotes to Keep You Going
Qute Chse Kind Ver Cl

Kindness is much better.

Qute D It Nw Why wait?
Qute Give But Dnt Allw Be good to yourself.
Qute Give Yurself Take the time.
Qute Kindness Snw It’s beautiful and pure.
Qute Meltdwn Keep going.
Qute Plant The Seed You have to wait!

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Qute Put N LipJust fake it.
Qute Stuck InsideIt really is.
Qute What If Yu Wke What would you have?
Qute Can Be Changed Don’t let it diminish.
Qutes Thin Line Learn to know the difference.
Qute We G TravelWe keep traveling.
Qute Use Anything Negative Let it be your fire.
Qute Happiness Is What makes you happy?
Qute Frgt MiracleRemember.
Qute Chse T Fcus N Perfect Keep your eye on them.
Qute Let GLet go.
Qute Impress ThingsShow them the beauty of you.
Qute Tame DragnsShe saves herself.
Qute Making Mistakes Keep doing.
Qute Lyalty Hard Savor the trust.
Qute Refuse Help Do it on your own.
Qute Fly Don’t be afraid to fall.
Qute Ever BusyKnow this.
Qute Start Late You really can!
Qute Getting Up So get up.
Qute YesterdayNoW.
Qute Live CmpassSee what it’s going.
Qute If It CmesDon’t force it.
Qute Thrw Rller Caster Which will you choose?
Qute Shuld Lk Does it?
Qute Nt What Yu DThere, do you see?
Qute Brand New Take it.
Qute Busy Is A StressWhich will it be?
Qute R Ti Sdeep It will hold.
Qute Best PrepSet the stage.
Qute Failure Don’t treat it like such.
Qute What D Riginal So go for it!
Qute Magic Arund Do you?
Qute Success Cmes

You have to put in the time.

Qute Ready FlyFly.

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