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42 Inspiring Quotes to Keep You Going

Kindness is much better.

Why wait?
Be good to yourself.
Take the time.
It’s beautiful and pure.
Keep going.
You have to wait!
Just fake it.
It really is.
What would you have?
Don’t let it diminish.
Learn to know the difference.
We keep traveling.
Let it be your fire.
What makes you happy?
Keep your eye on them.
Let go.
Show them the beauty of you.
She saves herself.
Keep doing.
Savor the trust.
Do it on your own.
Don’t be afraid to fall.
Know this.
You really can!
So get up.
See what it’s going.
Don’t force it.
Which will you choose?
Does it?
There, do you see?
Take it.
Which will it be?
It will hold.
Set the stage.
Don’t treat it like such.
So go for it!
Do you?

You have to put in the time.


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