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The Stubborn Stump


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When it comes to cutting down trees, it really isn’t a hard process. However, actually removing the tree stump is a whole other story. Let’s just say stumps can be quite stubborn.

Root Networks


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One of the main reasons it’s so difficult to remove tree stumps is due to the large network of roots that have been established once a tree has reached maturity. While stumps can be removed, you have to be careful and do it right…otherwise you may end up hurting yourself and damaging the equipment your using.

The Stump Solution


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Now, we live in the year 2018, right? High-powered trucks like 4×4 Dodge Ram 3500 are on the market and we also have farm equipment, explosives and chainsaws at our disposal. So…removing a stump should be a breeze!

Well…not so fast!

Explosives Are A No Go!

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The problem with explosives is they can actually fail to do any type of damage or worse–it can create more problems down the line. Also, dynamite can send small pieces of shrapnel into the air and create a very dangerous environment.

Yeah…avoid explosions!

Kill It with Fire!

How To Remove A Tree Stump By Fire And Charcoal

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The fire method is another way to get rid of a stump and root system, and is actually much safer. This process uses fire to burn down into the root system, effectively killing it. And guess what? No dynamite involved.

Chainsaw Hacking Method


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There are many other DIY methods, but they tend to be quite expensive. Although, when in doubt you could also just hack away at the dang thing with a chainsaw and hope for the best…though we don’t recommend it, especially if you’re trying to improve your yard’s landscaping aesthetic.

Time to Pull

Mb 4X4 Vs Tree Yh1

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So what happens if you REALLY need that darn stump out? We’re talking roots and all! Well, sometimes the best solution is to just pull it out! However, physics plays an important role in pulling out a stump and if you don’t play your cards right, things can take a disastrous turn…

Oops. That Stump Won!

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No one really thought of the power or propulsion this small stump would have when yanked from the ground. Sadly, their car paid the price…

Was the stump really worth it?

All At Once…Nope!

Tree Removal Goes Horribly Wrong For Contractors And Their Chevy Truck

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Now, this is another recipe for disaster. This guy said, screw the stump! Let’s take out the whole tree all at once. Sadly, the laws of physics are not on this man’s side. He’s going to lose that back bumper or that tree is going to come crashing down on his truck. Regardless, the ending won’t be pretty.

Six Rules…Safety First

Screen Shot 2015 06 17 At 9.06.31 Pm

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If you’re going to remove a stump, there are six rules you must follow. The first is safety. While this may seem like a no-brainer, you want to make sure when you cut down the tree that the stump is stable and cut flush where you plan to affix the chain or a tow pull.

Traction is Key

Maxresdefault 1

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Traction is also a major concern. You want to make sure the ground is level and the area you plan to pull from has enough traction for the tires of your truck or tractor to grip. Otherwise, you will simply be spinning your wheels with nowhere to go.

Notch the Stump!


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After you’ve cut the trunk down and moved away the log, you want to notch the mid-way point of the stump. This allows you to use this groove to catch and pull the chain with your truck. It’s an important step so don’t forget it!

Dig Out the Roots

Tree Roots

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Next, you’ll want to make sure all the roots are properly excavated. Don’t you dare try to pull that stump out of the ground without having dug it out. Use shovels and pickaxes to cut the major roots and soften the soil surrounding the stump so it can be pulled out easier.

Keep the Tow Cable Slack


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It’s important that the tow cable has some slack in it, but its not loose. The slack will give you room so you can get the most torque from your engine and gain proper traction. Remember, without traction that stump is staying right where it is.

Alignment is Very Important


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You will want to line up your tow vehicle in a straight and flush angle to where you plan on driving. Don’t try to pull at a strange angle and make sure there are NO obstacles you could possibly hit!

Preparing for the Big Pull


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This truck is about to pull out a stump. As you can see the roots have been dug out, and the tow line has some slack in it, but just enough. It’s not so loose it is hanging on the ground.

A Straight Line


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As the truck revs up and begins to pull, it makes sure to line up straight with the stump. It isn’t moving at an angle or trying to go in a strange direction. Everything is set for a clean pull.

Asphalt Provides Traction


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Thanks to the asphalt, the truck is able to maintain traction during the pull. It uses short bursts in an effort to slowly dislodge the tree and its roots. We think we see success on the horizon!

Almost Free


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The roots finally give way and the stump is almost free. The truck continues to provide traction in short bursts, carefully pulling free the remaining roots. It looks like this truck is about to win against this stump!

Stump Success


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Success! The truck has successfully removed the stump and hasn’t harmed any bystanders, cars or landscaping in the process. As you can see, it can be a simple job…when done the right way!

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