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Use The Beard Bro Shaping Tool for perfect lines and Symmetry.

Beards have always been a contemptuous subject for men; we like them groomed, stylish and a reflective part of our personality. Take it from Christopher Oldstone as he writes that beards are not only part of a guy’s manliness, but they are more like a written history. At least the beard lovin’ sons of guns at ‘Beard Bro’ got that point through, which is why they came up with an arsenal of products to help men, and the ladies in their lives, in love with well kempt beards.

The Beard Bro comb and symmetry tool was made after a man’s heart. The tool comes in as an angled accessory with half side focusing on the beard symmetry, and the other half made for combing hair. If you ask me, combing n’ beard symmetry go hand in hand – especially the combing part is important because you don’t want any scraggly hair in there. So, moving on let’s start from some of the plus points of this remarkable Beard Bro invention.

  • Perfect beard shaping tool for short to medium length beards. I know that they claim that it works for long beards too, but to be honest, an inexperienced man like you or I, will simply ruin it instead of making things look symmetrical.
  • Great for trimming ingrown, or outgrown beard hair. All you need to do is place the Beard Bro tool next to the facial zone that needs some love, and then use a fine edged pair of scissors to cut the hair.
  • Lets you adjust the angle and curve of your beard’s bottom sides easily.

Beard Bro 502

This product comes with a folding card with clear, but general, instructions written on how to maintain a beard with the included tool. But as a guy, and a long-time beard grower, I’d also advise you to go through some beard maintenance tutorials at YouTube to increase your knowledge. Don’t expect the tool to do all the professional work; you need to learn how to use it properly.

Although in many cases, you’d want this tool to bend alongside your face contours, it will resist. Therefore, insert the beard tool in hot water before use to easily allow for the plastic to bend. It’s just basic science guys; molecules expand on heating. Also, the edges are marked at certain places, which is a clear indicator of where the Beard Bro tool is supposed to be used.

Beard Bro 501

Are there any Add-Ons to Buy with Beard Bro Symmetry Tool?

You bet your manliness, there are! Go for a couple of beard massage oils, beard fragrance accessories and a few white eye pencils to use on your face. The latter will help you outline your face areas where you are looking to do some trimming n’ cutting. You also need a bit of patience and time for your desired results to show up. Eventually, your folks and the ladies will begin to associate with you as “that guy with an awesome beard…

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