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A Canadian man took a Smart car and turned it into a snowmobile. Kinda.

What do you get when you take a Smart car, yank off the wheels and dump about $7,000 and a month of work into it? You get this – a crazy Canadian creation car snowmobile thing. I’m not going to lie, I think this is actually kinda cool. Todd Anderson, a mechanic in Ottawa Canada built this simply because he felt like it. It only takes about an hour to take the wheels and tires off and to turn this Smart car into the Smart car snowmobile thing. After this check out this camper that was turned into a snowmobile thing as well.

Eric Longley takes a spin in Manotick in Canada’s smartest car completely converted for off road traction.

“It was just a thought that came to me and I thought it was worth a shot” Todd Anderson told CTV News. Todd Anderson also added “The whole point of the exercise was to see if it could be done.”

“It’s a rear-drive and rear-engine so it’s perfect for this sort of thing, It handles quite well. It turns surprisingly well.”


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