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Meet The Experimental Piasecki X-49A “SpeedHawk”

So the Piasecki X-49A “SpeedHawk” is an experimental helicopter that was designed and built by Piasecki Aircraft out of Essington, PA. This has to be one of the crazier helicopters I have seen in a while. You can read more about the Piasecki X-49A on their website. After this check out these Apaches doing barrel rolls.

Meet The Experimental Piasecki X49A Speedhawk Featured Pictures

The Piasecki X-49A compound helicopter, a modified SH-60F SeaHawk, is a research aircraft being used to demonstrate the advantages of compound helicopter technology. The addition of lifting wings and replacement of the tail rotor with a ducted propeller are the major structural modifications to the airframe. The demonstrator aircraft first flew on 29 June 2007 and has completed 79 flights and accumulated over 86 flight hours.

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