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Meet The Robotic Weapon Station Scorpion RS2 .50cal Crows

This is the new Robotic Weapon Station Scorpion RS2 .50cal Crows which is built by Howe And Howe Technologies. These are the same guys that built the famous Ripsaw and the Mad Max Fury Road Nasty Peacemaker. So anyways, the Robotic Weapon Station Scorpion RS2 .50cal Crows looks like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. This little tracked monster is equipped with an M2 .50 Cal (obviously) with a Crow system. I don’t really feel like writing out everything else about this bad boy, just watch the video.

The Scorpion RS2 by Howe and Howe Technologies and ARDEC represents the next evolution of ground combat. As one of the first effective mid-sized UGVs to be developed, the RS2 Scorpion allows the war fighter safe accurate stand off and effectiveness while still engaging the enemy with lethal and/or “less-than-lethal” force.


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