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Which of these Funny Covid Wedding Memes Takes the Cake?

Summer season is wedding season right? WRONG! If you planned on a wedding or planned to attend a wedding in 2020, it’s NOT your year, unless you happen to be a the owner of a face mask production factory. Luckily misery loves company and you can revel in the fact that even though you may not be saying “I do” just yet, or in the way that you imagined, you’re not alone. Pick out your favorite from these Covid Wedding Memes, and decide which one takes the cake (pun intended).

2020 Wedding Pictures Meme

Say cheese or not… like it matters!


Most Expensive Wedding Dress Meme

You can tell she’s rolling in it!


Chance To Rethink That Marriage 2020 Wedding Meme

What was that quote about looking on the bright side?


Wedding Practice 2020

Outdoor weddings it is!


Seinfeld Covid 19 2020 Wedding Plan Meme

Sorry Newman… Maybe some other time.


Covid Wedding Planning Meme

Don’t mind me… It’s all good.


Quarantine Wedding Meme

Saved a lot of money on booze!


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Toilet Paper Shaped Wedding Cake Meme

Cake with builtin napkin… pure genius.


Cant Elope Wedding Plans In 2020 Meme

That Melon-choly feeling.


Friends Meme Of Wedding Canceled In 2020

You’re not alone! Strength in numbers!


Covid Wedding Masquerade Ball

They could just be into that sort of thing?


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