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Glory Hole Memes Explode Canada Promotes Glory Holes for Safe Sex during COVID19 Times #gloryhole

Yes. The headline is not a mistake. Sleepy Canada, the place known for underage drinking and legalized weed has now added “glory holes” to their list of vices that should be promoted as safe! In the age of global pandemic, health authorities are now starting to promote the unconventional in their battle to control the rampant spread of COVID19. In addition to using glory holes, the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control also lists other tricks to consider for safe sex during a pandemic.

These include:
include using condom and lube;

wearing a face mask during sex;

limiting kissing;

limiting saliva exchange;

choosing positions with little face-to-face contact;

and finally,

washing hands and body with soap for 20 seconds after sex;

All seems very sensible, but the internet has now officially exploded (pardon the pun) with laughter with these glory hole memes and #gloryhole is now trending mainstream!


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