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Hilarious Father’s Day Card Ideas

Having a hard time thinking of something clever or sarcastic to write to show your dad some gratitude or bring a smile to his face? Check out our hilarious Father’s Day Card Ideas collection below. You’ll be sure to share a laugh or two over with the best dad in the world! Happy Father’s Day!

Can I Borrow 20 Bucks Card

Nostalgia is a b*tch ain’t it?

Can'T Imagine How Proud For Remembering Father'S Day Card Card

Get a medal for finishing last syndrome?


Over The Years You'Ve Probably Figured Out That I Could Be A Little Sarcastic And Mocking

Sarcasm is the greatest form of flattery right? or imitation… or something.


Don'T Worry I Know You'Re Not Supposed To Have A Favorite Kid Card

Who said anything about favorites?

Like Beer Father'S Day Card

You’ve taught me well dad!


Nobody Is Better At Fatherhood Father'S Day Card

Total disasters!


Happy Father'S Day For Man Who Has Everything


For the man who has everything!



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Dads Proudly Refusing To Ask For Directions Card

How GPS has become the great DAD enabler!

Happy Father'S Day Sorry For Causing You Grief When I Was A Kid Card

Sorry! I can’t be held responsible for what I may or may not have done as a child!


Obligatory Father'S Day Card

Yes it is.


From The Dog Father'S Day Card


Happy Father'S Day From Your Best Looking Child Card

You know where I get my looks from!

Without Me Today Would Be Sunday Fathers Day Card

Sunday funday!

Dad Well Done Card

Swearing is a sign of intelligence.

Happy Father'S Day From Mom Card

Might as well tell it as it is.


Musical Tie Upgrade Card

Next Level Father’s Day Present!




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