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Homeschooling Fails

Most parents are not cut out for teaching their own kids. That’s why we have school. Unfortunately the coronavirus COVID-19 had other plans and now we’re all doing double duty. Working from home AND homeschooling. For the uninitiated, teaching without any prior training could have some unintended consequences. Check out these hilarious Homeschooling Fails.

Homeschooling Tip from a self-proclaimed professional.

Kid can’t read, but he sure is honest!

Homeschooling Fails  Child Draws A Picture Of How To Wash Your Hands Properly In Homeschooling Art Class. Talk About Homeschool FailIs this Art class or sex ed class?

Kids, today’s lesson is IRONY.

Didn’t think that one through… just don’t watch contagion next class.

Thanks… I bet the teacher wasn’t even wearing pants when they wrote this.

Homeschooling Fail  A Child Traces Out A Pair Of Scissors. Yet Another Homeschool Fail

Yet another questionable “Art” class.


At least he’s writing.

I tried… and failed… why fight the wind.

Everybody wins!

It’s shop class… that’s right.

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