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The Hook Line And Threader is a great way to rig up your live bait.

Well fishermen, meet The Hook Line And Threader Live Bait Rig. An awesome new way to rig your live bait or soft plastics. Keep those minnows alive longer and give them freedom to swim more naturally. This is by far the best live bait right available on the market today, and it’s cheap.

As a respectable fisherman, you’ll also wanna hone your skills during down times. Check out this Hook Line and Stinker Kit to practice your cast while you sh*t.
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The Hook, Line & Threader™ is an innovative bait and tackle system set to become the must-have tool for every anglers tackle box. The patented design is extremely versatile and works with most species of baitfish and all artificial minnows, frogs and worms. Hook placement is everything! This device allows you to set a hook firmly in the body of any baitfish or soft plastic bait with ease. This unique placement is the secret to keeping that trophy on your line and in your boat!

Hook Line &Amp; Threader Best Live Bait Rig For Fishing Pics 2 Hook Line &Amp; Threader Best Live Bait Rig For Fishing Pics

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