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Meet The LeverAxe – The Only Axe You Need

The LeverAxe is pretty Awesome. I’m not going to lie. If you are serious about splitting wood easily, and perfectly, this is your Axe. This Axe might seem a bit pricey, but if you know anything about splitting wood, and what it is like to have quality equipment to use, then it doesn’t seem too expensive. Get This HERE.Ir?T=Funnybeaver 20&Amp;L=Ur2&Amp;O=1

Meet The Leveraxe Best Axe For Splitting Wood 1How To Use The LeverAxe – Video

This is a instructional video describing the built in safety feature of the LeverAxe. In addition to proper and safe wood splitting with the LeverAxe.

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New LeverAxe 2 – Video

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LeverAxe History And Review – Video

The LeverAxe is a wood splitting axe used to split firewood from nearly any type of wood and diameter. Its innovated design produces a levering action as it sinks into the wood. This allows for less force to split the wood compared to traditional axes. Giving the users more safety, speed, and enjoyment.

Meet The Leveraxe Best Axe For Splitting Wood 2

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Check Out Some Of The Reviews…..

Leveraxe Reviews

Traditional axe is slow

The traditional axe is simply a heavy wedge that is swung at the wood. If it has enough momentum, it penetrates into the wood, spreads it and thus splits the wood.

In designing the traditional axe the challenge is to find the optimal wedge shape which both penetrates into the wood and splits it. Too shallow an angle and the axe will not split the wood and too wide and the axe will not penetrate.

In practice, everybody who has tried splitting wood with a traditional axe knows that it takes a lot of power to penetrate and split the wood. Consequently, women and children may have serious trouble operating the traditional axe.

In addition, the traditional axe is quite dangerous. While hitting with full force the head of the axe has a lot of kinetic energy and is hard to control. It is frequently possible to miss the wood entirely. The axe might bounce from the wood or sometimes the axe might penetrate a weaker part of wood with surprising ease and continue its swinging trajectory at high speed. In all these cases the axe can be travelling at your body and cause severe pain and injury.

When using a traditional axe the work is quite slow. It happens quite often that the axe penetrates into the wood but does not have enough energy to split it. The reason is that there is an enormous amount of friction when the wedge penetrates the wood and tries to split it and this friction consumes the axe’s energy. As a result, you have a log that has the axe stuck firmly inside it. Removing it can be quite challenging at times.

The other reason for the slow progress with the traditional axe is that actually a lot of time is used for lifting the split wood back onto the splitting block. With a traditional axe you are forced to always hit in the middle of the wood. Thus both split woods fall to the ground and you need to lift them up to continue splitting the first one and then the second one. It is quite laborious and straining for the back.

Leveraxe is based on a lever mechanism and rotational action. The operational principle of the Leveraxe is totally different from the traditional axe.
The Leveraxe is of a brilliant new design. The axe head is attached to the handle from the side and not through the center. This results in the centre of the gravity of the axe head being to one side of the center line of strike.
Distinct colours help spotting the axe especially in areas with high and dense undergrowth.

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