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Overhead View Of A Holley 4 Barrel Carburetor On An Engine Dyno

If you’re a gearhead this might be the most oddly satisfying video you will see all day. Ryan Brown Performance took a 604 crate motor with a Holley 4 barrel carburetor and ran it on his dyno, making this pretty awesome video. This inside/overhead view of a Holly 4 barrel carburetor opening up the throttle on a dyno is meant to simulate the car accelerating out of a corner. The hot blue glow is the fuel to air mixture heating up,  just before it enters the valve system. This is one of those normally unseen aspects of the process, and when watched in slow motion kind of gives you a new perspective on how things in your engine work. After this check out these headers that look like they are glowing purple.

Had a 604 crate motor on the dyno, testing some different carburetor ideas to see what translates from the wet flow bench. Out of view is a high speed camera watching the droplet size and distribution as the plates slowly open simulating picking up the throttle coming out of the corner.

Overhead shot of Annular Booster Holley type 4 barrel. Engine is a 406 SBC, making 475HP, and 500 TQ.

Here is an older video, captured using an old DV camera. Engine is a 350 SBC, 420HP. Carburetor is a Q-Jet, factory calibration in it. Will have to record this again using an HD camera. Until then, hope you enjoy this one!

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