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Meet The SKINZIT – The Only Fish Skinner You Need

If you fish as much as I fish, and if you cook as much fish as I do, then have a look at the SKINZIT. This is an awesome tool for skinning fish. This bad boy makes skinning fish FAST and efficient. Stop wasting hours skinning all those fish you caught. Get Your SKINZIT HERE

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Simply put, SKINZIT ® is the quickest, easiest way to remove the rib bones, skin, and get the most meat from your fillet in seconds. The SKINZIT ® Electric Fish Skinner removes rib bones and skin from the fillet in two simple steps. The first pass rolls out the rib bones, the second pass removes the skin with full meat retention. It’s really that easy!

The SKINZIT® Electric Fish Cleaner helps you get your catch on the dinner table. It quickly removes rib bones and skin from your fillet without losing any meat in the process. Simple to operate, Skinzit cleans fish in half the time it takes to prepare your catch with a fillet knife. Fully automatic, this amazing appliance plugs into an ordinary AC wall outlet. It is ideal for cleaning walleye, perch, bluegill, crappie, bass, and virtually any other species with scales. Width: 7-3/4″. Height: 7-1/4″. Depth: 6″. Weight: 2.4 lb.Simple to operate

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I am amazed how fast I can clean perch, bluegill and walleye. I have been using this product for approximately 3 months and I will never try to use a knife to remove the rib bones and skin again. The Skinzit peels the ribs out in a second and you just turn the fillet over and the automatic fish skinner will take the skin off in seconds without wasting any fish. Takes a few fish to get the hang of it but when you do, you will be amazed. Cleans up easily by removing the roller. Great product!

I received this as a gift for Christmas…it was the best $150.00 my brother ever spent on me. I watched the “how to” video a couple times, practiced as the video demonstrated, and so far I have cleaned over 300 perch this winter. I even felt confident enough to post a video of myself using it on my Facebook page. It works exactly as advertised.

This is the best thing to come along in years!! Really takes the drudgery out of cleaning fish…my 8 year old grandson can do it….so simple …I’m giving these out for Christmas gifts to all my fishing buddies!

It took a couple of fish to figure this out, but once we figured it out, the SKINZIT performed wonderfully and we are very happy with this item. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who does a lot of fishing.

Skinzit works great. My cousin has every fishing toy you could imagine, but not this. We got it for dad for Father’s Day and now he laughs as my cousins sharpen their little knives and replace batteries in their usual devices. Being able to cut out the breast plate is key. Wasted a lot of meat before. Great product that will soon be a staple in every proper fishing collection.

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